Vancouver’s New Mobile Technology – ‘Find Green’

Vancouver – While pursuing the title of ‘greenest city in the world,’ Metro Vancouver has been selected for a beta test of mobile coupon technology.

Local charitable initiative Green Zebra has partnered with Vancouver-based digital media giant 3rdWhale to launch a mobile platform connecting anyone with an iPhone to Find Green – a directory of local, sustainable businesses complete with a growing supply of coupons.

Free to download, the Find Green search app is live in hundreds of cities across North America.  For visitors already accustomed to using Find Green, Green Zebra’s coupons are a bonus unique to Metro Vancouver.

While Find Green has been called a Yelp service for the eco-conscious – indeed, it’s the only source for green mobile coupons – Find Green’s convenient accessibility and wide range of businesses offer appeal for any tourist.  The app offers a search engine, maps, business descriptions, and hot savings through Green Zebra – everything to show newcomers where to go for all things sustainable…bike rentals, organic fare, spas, arts & culture, and more.

Travis Streb, Environmental Research Coordinator for BC Hydro, has become an avid mobile coupon user thanks to Green Zebra.  “Having this available on my iPhone makes it really attractive,” says Travis.  “I have the Green Zebra guide at home but I don’t always know when I’ll need it.  When I’m in a new area, the app is an easy way to find good places to check out, and the coupons provide an incentive to actually go there.”

Green Zebra’s new mobile coupons complement the original printed guide, created to empower a network of Metro Vancouver’s sustainable businesses to promote healthy, sustainable living as easy and affordable.  Popular with locals and visitors alike, 2010 Green Zebra guide introduces the best of Vancouver and our neighbouring cities with the incentive of saving thousands of dollars.  Perks include 2-for-1 deals at popular restaurants and theatres, free organic coffee and artisan chocolates, massages and drop-in yoga…something for everyone.

When asked about the service’s user-friendliness for tourists, Travis said, “You don’t even need to type anything.  I’m looking for somewhere to eat, three restaurants might pop up all within walking distance, and I can pick the one with a Green Zebra coupon.”

Green Zebra is a fundraising initiative of TB Vets Charitable Foundation, a local social enterprise with a rich history.  Since 1946, TB Vets has provided employment to people with disabilities and funded research, education, and hospital equipment to fight respiratory illness in BC.  Offering Green Zebra mobile coupons as a free service is just another part of TB Vets’ dedication to cultivating sustainability in BC communities.

Find Green is available from the iPhone App Store, coming soon for the BlackBerry.


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