PIF’ED | January Newsletter – Planet in Focus

1. 2010 Call for Submissions Now Open

2. Mixed Greens Monthly Screening: Grown in Detroit

3. Announcing our NEW 2010 Kids’ Mixed Greens Screenings

4. Nature in Focus Environmental Photography Contest

1. 2010 Call for Submissions Now Open

PIF is now accepting submission for our 2010 festival. We look forward to presenting the next array of cutting edge environmental works created by filmmakers from across Canada and around the world. Our 2010 Spotlight will focus on biodiversity.

Check our website for submission applications and more information.



2. Mixed Greens Monthly Screening: Grown in Detroit

On the last Friday of every month PIF presents top environmental films at our monthly Mixed Greens screening series at the Gardiner Museum. Screenings start at 6:45 pm and are pay-what-you-can. On Friday, January 29th we will screen “Grown in Detroit” by Mascha and Manfred Poppenk.

Grown in Detroit, Netherlands, 60 min

Co-Presented by The Stop Community Food Centre

Detroit is a city of vacant lots and dangerous gangs undergoing a green revolution, with teen moms at the wheel. Welcome to the Catherine Ferguson Academy where students learn planting, harvesting and bee-keeping on an urban farm.

Check our website for this year’s lineup!



3. Announcing our NEW 2010 Kids’ Mixed Greens Screenings

On Sunday, February 14th we kick-off our new Kids’ Mixed Greens program at the Gardiner Museum. Similar to our Mixed Greens program, we screen top environmental children’s films for the young and young at heart. Screenings start at 2:00 pm. Kids’ Mixed Greens is free, but donations to PIF are gladly accepted! Children up to 12 years of age can enter the museum for free. Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Gardiner with brunch at Jamie Kennedy’s Cafe and films with your children and loved ones.

Lost & Found

Based on Oliver Jeffers award winning children’s picture book and narrated by Jim Broadbent, a young boy is surprised by a knock on the door with the appearance of a penguin. He is determined to return him to his home in the South Pole any way he can. An exquisite gentle animation.

Kate and Bradbury

A sweet hand-drawn animation about the relationship between a kite and a bicycle where the balance between up and down is friendship.

For more information visit http://www.facebook.com/l/f99d9;www.planetinfocus.org/pif-365/kids-mixed-greens


4. Nature in Focus Environmental Photography Contest

Deadline: January 31st

Planet in Focus is a proud sponsor and partner of the 6th Annual NATURE IN FOCUS Environmental Photography Competition. The competition is open for entries until January 31, 2010. Intended to further and promote dialogue about environmental and scientific issues, its goal is to help foster a sense of awareness about our natural environment, while maintaining a focus on visual imagery. Win a trip to Victoria, a Nikon camera and a chance to have your photo in Harrowsmith Country Life!

For more information visit http://www.facebook.com/l/f99d9;www.cbc.ca/documentaries/natureofthings/2009/photocontest/

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