Insightful green bloggers

Green, Green Grass
Image by Garry - via Flickr

Today I’ve spent a good few hours trolling the web for new, insightful eco-minded bloggers. It started with one blogger who talked about wind energy in Ontario, and then an academic blogger talking about climate change, and then stumbled upon another blogger talking about green jobs. A few hours later, I have re-discovered a few dozen blogs/web sites that I have known for years, but of course there were three times as many new ones that have caught my eye. I’ve come across people who shared their stories about their mother calling the PM, and another one who happened to be a former classmate of mine.

I continue to be quite amazed at the breadth of personal stories that are out there – from teachers, neighbours, and new parents, sharing their experiences and perspectives and the trials and errors of learning how to minimize their impacts on the environment.

Rubbing my eyes and stretching out after sitting still for almost 3 hours, here is my list…

All of these web sites have been indexed on search engine and labelled under “Perspectives”.


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