LCC Celebrates Quebec in Copenhagen

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….”

Charles Dickens

Lower Canada College is thinking globally, acting locally and making a difference now. Just as Jean Charest is leading the path, in Copenhagen, with his plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions, LCC has also adopted a number of strategies that will support Quebec’s environmental initiatives.

In Montreal, LCC is rethinking and challenging itself at all levels. As part of the school’s strategic plan (Our Sustainable Future 2009-2013), the environment is one of the seven pillars identified as a priority. LCC is continually searching for ways to improve its environmental programme.


One of many initiatives include, the carbon offset charge that is applied to anyone travelling on behalf of the school. During 2008-2009, 73 tons of CO2 emissions were offset which generated over $5500 dollars that will be donated by the school to support environmental sustainability. Locally, LCC will partner with Les Amis de la Montagne by donating $2500 towards a tree planting project. Internationally, the Round Square organization will benefit a further $2000 to support their environmental pillar. Finally, LCC will use the remaining $1000 to further green it’s campus and community by continuing to plant 100 trees for its 100th year. As grade 4 student Brooks Reid-Constantin affirms, “planting a tree means helping yourself and the world.”

The school has implemented many other environmental projects that touch on all aspects of school and community life. They include:

  • Student Green Team leadership
  • Finalist for the AQME’s Energia awards
  • Construction of Montreal’s greenest hockey arena
  • Completed full environmental audit
  • Commitment to LEED certified architecture
  • Integrating “green hours” as part of community service hours
  • Organized no-waste lunches
  • Set-up and enhanced our vermi-compost units
  • Recycling
  • Energy and water efficiencies
  • Anti-idling campaign
  • Community and global partnerships

LCC supports and celebrates Jean Charest on his stand. The school will continue to seek out environmental initiatives that include the school’s essential elements of learning, thinking, caring, and doing. Leading by example.


For further information please contact Theo Brinckman, Director of Communication,
Lower Canada College Tel: 514-482-9797 ext 212/Email:

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