Manitoba introduces Boreal peatlands stewardship strategy

a treeline peatland forest
Image by Phil Camill via Flickr

OttawaThe Canadian Boreal Initiative applauds today’s announcement by the Government of Manitoba for a new Boreal peatlands stewardship strategy, together with new northern protected areas.

“Boreal peatland is being recognized as a globally important asset in the fight against climate change,” stated Larry Innes, CBI’s Executive Director. “Manitoba is emerging as a global leader by taking steps to recognize and protect these areas as intact carbon sinks, with tremendous benefits for both the climate and biodiversity.”

Boreal forests, including peatlands, store more carbon than any other terrestrial ecosystem on earth. Manitoba is in the heartland of Canada’s Boreal reserves. The new Kaskatamagan and Kaskatamagan Sipi Wildlife Management Areas will protect areas of great significance for threatened species and carbon stores.

As the most intact remaining forest on earth, the Boreal forest also has exceptionally high potential to allow wildlife and plant communities to adapt to climate-related stresses, including shifts in their ranges. See The Carbon the World Forgot, a report that presents a global accounting of the amount, depth, and age of carbon stored in the boreal forest for more details:

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