Google Maps Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Even for experts and scientists, analyzing data on emissions and climate change can seem like a rising sea of numbers. The United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC) in collaboration with several Googlers has created a map that visualizes greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by a number of industrialized countries.

The aim of this map is to give scientists, decision-makers, media and the general public a new way to navigate data collected since 1990. We hope that this can provide a valuable tool for understanding climate change leading into the upcoming negotiation of a new climate change agreement in Copenhagen at the end of this year.

The greenhouse gas map allows you to gradually move from a very high-level view (e.g. the changes in emissions between 1990-2006 in the screenshot above) to a detailed analysis down to country level. You can also visualize any combination of emission categories (e.g. energy, industrial processes etc.), greenhouse gas type (e.g. CO2, CH4, etc.), and year (or the change from base year to 2006), via drop-down menus.

To view the map, please visit:



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