NEPTUNE Canada “Go Live” Launch – Dec. 8th

NEPTUNE Canada “Go Live” Launch – Dec. 8th – Join the Celebration!

NEPTUNE Canada has completed installation in the Pacific Ocean of 800 kilometres of powered fibre-optic cable, five observatory nodes at key scientific sites, and over 200 instruments and sensors…. (to depths of nearly 3000 metres). NEPTUNE Canada will help us better understand natural hazards, resources, ocean/climate change, ecosystems, tectonic activity, and much more.

The launch promises to be as exciting as the data, images and sounds that this observatory will now bring to your laptop, in real-time.
Rick Searle.

Rattail Fish Supervises

Live data will begin flowing on 8 December! Mark your calendar for the Go-live Webcast, 10:00 PST. Join the webcast!

Read the

invitation (.pdf) and visit NEPTUNE Canada ( for more information.

Also, check out videos on YouTube and shared photos on Flickr

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