Two New Publications from Global Forest Watch Canada

Shared from Climate Change Connection.

Bitumen and Biocarbon

A new report by Global Forest Watch Canada provides estimates of land use changes, biological carbon content and consequent potential greenhouse emissions due to existing and future surface mining and in situ extraction of bitumen in Alberta, Canada.

See GFWC’s news release here:
Click here to download the report, plus maps and photographs!

Does the Alberta Tar Sands Industry Pollute? The Scientific Evidence

The extent to which pollution from tar sands industrial activities in northeastern Alberta, Canada affects ecosystem and human health is a matter of growing concern that is exacerbated by uncertainty. This new research paper finds that:

  • present levels of some contaminants pose an ecosystem or human health risk, the effects of which deserve immediate and systematic study
  • projected tripling of tar sands activities over the next decade may result in unacceptably large and unforeseen impacts to biodiversity, ecosystem function, and public health
  • the attention of the world’s scientific community is urgently needed

Click here to see the press release.

Click here to see the backgrounder.

Click here to view/download the research paper (PDF, 0.4 MB).

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