Province Invests $4.25 Million in Green Transportation and Technology Projects

Nova Scotia, Canada
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Nova Scotia will soon become greener with a $4.25-million investment from the province to support fuel-efficient transportation and technology programs.

The funding announcement was made today, Dec. 1, by Bill Estabrooks, Minister responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia and Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau.

“This investment will help Nova Scotians save money on fuel, and protect our environment,” said Mr. Estabrooks. “The transportation sector represents one of the best opportunities to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and these programs bring us closer to meeting our goal to have one of the cleanest, greenest environments in the world.”

The following transportation programs will be supported:

  • $1.35 million to equip school buses with fuel-efficient technology such as heaters and timers, route optimization software, and emission control technology
  • $1 million for anti-idling devices, aerodynamic improvements, fuel-efficient tires, and other fuel-reducing technologies for heavy duty class 8 trucks
  • $1 million towards the purchase of heavy duty hybrid vehicles including bucket trucks and other fleet vehicles
  • $150,000 for a public education and awareness campaign promoting fuel-efficient personal vehicles

The remaining $750,000 will expand an existing program that helps ice rink facilities install energy and cost-saving lighting, heat recovery systems, and other energy efficiency improvements.

The investment will come from the ecoNova Scotia Clean Air and Climate Change fund. The projects will be administered and delivered by Conserve Nova Scotia.

“The ecoNova Scotia fund has been helping municipalities, businesses, and many organizations all over the province find ways to reduce greenhouse gases, air pollutant and costs,” said Mr. Belliveau. “We are pleased to be helping schools and the transportation sector to also realize those reductions.”

In some cases, the technology is already being used by Nova Scotia businesses.

“Businesses can realize cost savings as well as significantly reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions by using hybrid and fuel-efficient technology,” said Bill Tait, Peterbilt Nova Scotia.

The ecoNova Scotia Fund for Clean Air and Climate Change is supported by a $42.5-million federal grant for projects that reduce air emissions and create a cleaner, healthier environment. Projects and initiatives under the fund started rolling out in 2007 and applications for funding will be accepted until January 2010.

The projects supported by ecoNova Scotia will bring the province closer to meeting its goal of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions to at least 10 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020, and improve air quality. Including today’s announcement, 67 projects have been announced.

Information on programs, deadlines and applications is available at or at .


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