Eco-Ethical Xmas List 2009

From our friends at Ethiquette.

Our two top picks this year – Great little somethings that go easy on the earth and benefit communities overseas

Y Focus Fair Trade – Sports Balls

Y Focus certified Fair Trade soccer balls, volleyballs and rugby balls are hand stitched in Pakistan by workers who are paid better than average wages, and given additional health and educational benefits for themselves and for their families. No children under 15 are making these balls. All sports equipment should be made this way. Until it is, you can help by buying sweatshop-free sports equipment.

Lilidom Organic+Fair Trade – Children’s clothing

Image Lilidom is one of the only Canadian brands to offer iorganic and Fair-Trade certified clothing lines for children ages 0 – 8.
These clothes will make precious gifts for precious ones thanks to their unique style and comfort as well as their added social values.

Buy online and in select stores, see:

Plant your wishes – Greeting cards made in good working conditions with reduced environmental impact


WishBuds Floral Greeting Cards Wishbuds is a Canadian greeting card company that specializes in eco-friendly materials. All of their products are made from recycled paper or linen and contain seeds that sprout when the cards are planted..

The Wishbud stationery collection includes:

  • Greeting Cards
  • bookmarks
  • Postcards
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Business Cards
  • Gift Sets with Planting Pots
To order online for delivery anywhere in Canada, visit: 

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Jewelry that shines true
Exotic and enchanting accessories that benefit global communities



Thai ethically produced Jewelry

The Thai Jewelry collection includes pieces produced by a community development project in Bangkok and a development organisation, which works with Thai village communities and also Thai Silk weavers.

Multi strands of rough Lapis and polished Onyx on waxed cord necklace with Sterling Silver closure. Necklace length approx. 50 cm.

hed Agate balls accented with a large silver sphere and small Sterling Silver beads with Sterling Silver closure. Necklace length approx. 52 cm.

Feel good and look good fashions
Hip stuff that eco-innovates, keeps it local and gives workers a square deal

Recycled Shoulder Bags

The fabric off-cuts used to create these bags would have been sent to the landfill had we not intercepted them and given them a second life! We have created a wide variety of practical and eco-friendly products which help us diminish our negative eco-footprint on Earth.A unique green gift!

Design by: Coop Mille et une façons, Laurentians, Quebec
Manufacturing: Socially dedicated organization, Laurentians, Quebec

To order online for delivery
anywhere in Canada, visit :

Canada Goose™ Jackets

Men’s Expedition Parka pictured here,
suggested retail price: $610
For someone really special, give a gift that will keep them warm even on the coldest of winter days. Canada Goose makes high quality down-filled parkas and has kept all of its production here in Canada while paying decent wages to its employees.Available all across Canada

Women’s Trllium Parka pictured here,

suggested retail price: $510

Eating Drinking and Being Merry
Organic and Fair Trade Delicacies

Virtuous Wines

Already distributed in Quebec for the last few years, this South African wine is now more widely available across Canada. The Winds of Change label is made from organically-grown grapes and transformed by the workers of the Sonop Wine FarmAn innovative blend of rich spicy shiraz and a brooding Pinotage (typical from South Africa) . Full-bodied ripe tannins with good length and structure. Pairs well with lamb and game as well as grilled meats and pasta.

Two Good Reasons to Choose this Wine:

Winds of Change is certified organic by the SKAL certification agency.

Winds of Change is certified Fair Trade by the FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organisation) since 2005.


>>QUEBEC SAQ Product Search

We also invite you to consider buying organic wines this holiday season. What makes these wines different from others is the reduced environmental impact on native soils. The grapes were grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and the fermentation is done entirely with  traditional yeast.

A selection of organic wines made in Canada may be found by clicking here.

For Quebec residents, you have the option of choosing an entirely local organic product from the Négondos vineyard or to browse the large selection of organic wines available at the SAQ.

Organic Turkey, Duck, Goose or Roasts

When you’re sitting down to your holiday meal, serve something you know is healthy for the whole family. For example, choosing organic meat or fowl from a local farm, rather than the come-from-afar varieties available at most supermarkets, is a good choice for your bodies and the environment. It not only means less pesticide, hormones and preservatives, it means less transport emissions and a boost to your local economy.

For those in the Montreal and surrounding area, look to these farms:

To find a local store which specializes in eco-friendly or fairly-traded products, visit our Points of Sale section by clicking here.

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