For the children of Nepal

For those who may not know, I’ve been volunteering for a year in Nepal with CUSO-VSO Canada as an IT Advisor in the HIV/AIDS programme. It has been a phenomenal experience to date and even though I’m mostly working in an office with local NGO’s (battling computer viruses, alleviating information management chaos, and resurrecting archaic computers from the grave), I still manage to get out into the field to see where and who I am really trying to help out in the end. The videos below sums it up.

IWEN Canada – Indentured Girls Programme from Rex Turgano on Vimeo.

IWEN Canada – Indentured Girls Programme is a program that rescues bonded girls from slavery and gives them a new meaning in life through education in Nepal.

Books for Chankhu Besi from Rex Turgano on Vimeo.

After their village stay experience, Rex and Gord wanted to help the Chankhu Besi community build their school library. They essentially had nothing that resembled a library – no books, not even a book shelf. Both Rex and Gord emailed family and friends back home to see if anyone wanted to help donate funds towards their little side project. They received an overwhelming response and were able to not only purchase books and a durable book shelf but also musical instruments, sports equipment, teaching aids and much more.

Thank you to the Canadians that supported this project.


You can read more about my adventures on my personal blog at (tag: Nepal).

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