Ticking Bomb, REEP, and EcoBunk – GC News# 657

657: 23 November 2009

TICKING BOMB. The world is pointing the finger at Canada for its lack of political will regarding global warming, said Équiterre’s Steven Guilbeault, author of  Alerte! Le Québec à l’heure des changements climatiques, during a popular Quebec television show … Bill McKibben, founder of  350.org, talks about what Canadians can do to spur leaders into action … Who in Canada is Killing the International Climate Treaty? conference features George Monbiot, UK  columnist, and Richard Littlemore, co-author of Climate Cover Up: the crusade to deny global warming. Toronto, 28 November.

SOLAR FOREST. A vacant street corner in Thunder Bay is turned into a demonstration solar site by Superior Renewable Energy Cooperative, an EcoSuperior sister organization.  Open house, 28 November.

GREEN TOUR. Peterborough Green-Up holds a planning session for Green Home and Garden Tour, an event that allows local residents to get a peek into the lives of those who have made energy efficiency upgrades to their homes, installed renewable energy sources, or garden in an eco-friendly manner. 24 November.

ELORA UPDATES. Lynda Bausinger is Elora Environment Centre Interim Executive Director during Kathy Maggs’ maternity leave … Kimberly Duffin is leaving ECC in January to study holistic nutrition. Sara Lin Barron fills Kimberley’s position … See Centre Wellington Tree Guide 2009 edition.

REEP ANNIVERSARY. Waterloo Region Green Solutions REEP’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration commemorates a decade of working for healthier homes and sustainable communities. Kitchener, 3 December. RSVP

WALKABILITY PLAN. Mandy Jonhson, consultant with Canada Walks, presented a prize to the Mayor of Uxbridge on 13 November for implementing a walkability action plan conceived at an Ontarians Walking Now workshop.

SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION. Quebec Éco Mobile project undertook a direct communication operation last summer, going door to door to 20,000 Laval households to encourage residents to adopt greener commuting habits … Try a Bike allowed Laval residents to test drive a city bike free of charge for a week … The Ontario law that made ride-sharing illegal in Ontario has been repealed.  Bill 118 redefines what constitutes public vehicles and taxi cabs.

FUNDS. Aviva Community Fund distributes $500,000 among projects that have gathered the most votes from visitors … Earth Day Canada offers twenty $5,000 Environmental Scholarship to reward high school volunteers and interns. Due 28 February …  Clean Nova Scotia Postgraduate Environmental Research $2,000 Scholarship is offered to students engaged in graduate-level research work in a Nova Scotia university. Due 8 January.

TRITIUM ON TAP. Nuclear facilities and power plants are contaminating local Canadian food and water with radioactive waste, says Sierra Club of Canada reportMaking the Most of the Water We Have  demonstrates soft path approach to water management …  Ecothriller Water Inc. features a conspiration to pipe water down from Canada to the US.

A TURNIP IN EVERY POT. Fifty percent of all food in the US is wasted, enough to feed all the hungry people in the world three times over, says Waste: Uncovering the Global Food ScandalThe Impact of Industrialized Animal Agriculture on World Hunger report demonstrates the devastating effects of an inefficient food system …  A Nation of Farmers shows how to create resilient local food systems …Beyond Hunger and Profit: Grassroots Solutions to the Global Food Crisis conference. Ottawa, 26 November.

TAR SANDS. See Global Forest Watch reports  on tar sands impacts in Alberta : Bitumen and Biocarbon provides estimates of biological carbon content and consequent potential greenhouse emissions ;  Does the Alberta Tar Sands Industry Pollute? finds that projected tripling of activities may result in unacceptably large and unforeseen impacts to biodiversity, ecosystem function, and public health.

CHRISTMAS BOOK. BC New Society Publishers suggests gift ideas: The Ecotechnic Future envisions a society that supports relatively advanced technology on a sustainable resource base; Stoneview includes plans and instructions to build an eco-friendly 300 square foot guest house for $6000; Power from the Sun and Power from the Wind guides; The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook shows anyone how to transform their company; Green Careers or ECOpreneuring point towards a greener, more satisfying livelihood.

ECOBUNK. Toronto Environmental Alliance annual fundraiser comedy show pokes fun at the most outrageous corporate green advertising of 2009.

JOBS. Elora Environment Centre, Certified Energy Advisors. No due date … Credit Valley Conservation Authority, Partnership Development Coordinator. Due 30 November …  For Climate’s Sake, Capacity Building Development Coordinator. Mississauga, due 20 December … Rainbow Routes Association,Sustainable Mobility Planner. Sudbury, due 25 November … Alternatives Journal, Marketing and Web Coordinator. Waterloo, due 30 November.

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