Great Gift Ideas to Build a New Society

New Society Publishers @ The Green Living Show
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From our friends at New Society Publishers…

A Nation of Farmers

We have several titles that will appeal to those concerned about making the transition to a post-carbon world. A Nation of Farmers shows how to defeat the food crisis by creating resilient local food systems and growing, cooking and eating sustainably and naturally. The Ecotechnic Future fuses human ecology and history to envision a society that supports relatively advanced technology on a sustainable resource base. Plan C introduces a realistic community-based strategy for food, health, housing and transportation in a post-Peak Oil world.

Human Powered Home

The do-it-yourself types and retro-device junkies on your list will love The Human-Powered Home -a compendium of plans for people-powered devices from blenders to washing machines and everything in between.  Alternative energy buffs will appreciate Power from the Sun and Power from the Wind – THE guides to today’s fastest growing renewable technologies. And don’t forget the special 30th anniversary edition of the Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook – the bible of renewable energy, sustainable living, green building, homesteading, off-the-grid living, and alternative transportation.

StoneviewFor the green and natural builders and homeowners onyour list, Prescriptions for a Healthy House takes the mystery out of healthy-home building, renovation and maintenance.  Stoneview includes the plans, materials list, and illustrated, step-by-step instructions to build an eco-friendly 300 square foot octagonal guest house with cordwood masonry, timber-framing and a living roof, all for less than $6000. And Building with Awareness combines an award-winning 5 hr DVD with a fully-illustrated color guidebook to show the step-by-step construction of a solar straw bale home.

Give the gift of a green Christmas to those who would walk lightly on the earth with one of our many Less is Moresustainable living titles. Help your loved ones to take back their lives and live more simply with Less is More, or save them a bundle by showing them how to shrink their eco-footprint (and their energy bills) with Wearing Smaller Shoes. Point someone towards a greener, more satisfying livelihood with Green Careers or ECOpreneuring. Relocalization advocates will be fascinated by Small is Possible and gardeners (or gardener wannabes) will find a wealth of fascinating, useful information for growing food in hard times with Gardening When it Counts. And your favorite cook can explore dozens of exquisite, tantalizing dishes using wholesome, local, organic ingredients in ExtraVeganZa.

Sustainability Champion's GuidebookGive your favorite activist gifts that inform, inspire andsupport! Bob Willard’s The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook shows anyone how to transform their company, and is available as a book, ebook and DVD. Anthony Weston’s How to Re-Imagine the World is a guide for “practical visionaries” and a must-read for anyone who sees their glass as half-full. Bothered by my Green Conscience is the perfect stocking-stuffer-a collection of vibrant, dynamic, full-color visual essays from artist Franke James that present refreshing and insightful ideas that make climate change personal. Still stumped? Our 101 Solutions series includes The Climate Challenge: 101 Solutions to Global Warming, Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic, Building an Ark: 101 Solutions to Animal Suffering, and Enough Blood Shed: 101 Solutions to Violence, Terror and War. Each book is jam-packed with useful information and practical ideas to guide, inspire, empower and create change.

Parenting for a Peaceful WorldGive a gift from the heart to the parents and caregivers in your life. Parenting for a Peaceful World offers a fascinating look at how child-rearing customs have shaped societies and major world events, and is packed with practical advice for raising a well-adjusted child. For homeschooling teens (and their parents), College Without High School shows how to take control of your own education and pursue your dreams and adventures while still gaining admission to the college of your choice. And children of all ages will have a ball with the more than 150 team-building games and activities in Josette and Ba Lumvour’s Everyone Wins.

For more details on these and other great gift ideas check out our website at

Happy Holidays!

– New Society Publishers

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