Sand, Salt or….Ecotraction??

Yep you read that right. Ecotraction. I first heard about this product from a colleague who saw it on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.  What is it exactly? It is a green alternative to salt, sand and de-icers. That means you get to have all the benefits of a slip free walkway/driveway this winter and don’t have to worry about the impact you are having on the environment.


Sand is not a great option because it gets into the waterways and degrades water quality thereby preventing sunlight from reaching plants and marine life.

Salt also gets into our waterways and adds to the salinity of the water. This can lead to loss of plant and marine life. And plus lets face it, no one likes walking on large salt bits or the lovely white ring it leaves on the bottom of your pants.

Ecotraction works by absorbing the water that is on top of ice and creating a ‘sandpaper’ like texture that provides traction. It also excelerates sun absorption to help melt snow and ice. All this and it doesn’t have a negative impact on our waterways (or our pants).

Additional environmental impact information.

Come spring time all you have to do is sweep the product up and you can reuse it on your lawn, in your garden or your catbox. That’s right…it is reuseable. I guess you could do that with salt too. On your driveway one day, on the rim of your margarita glass the next.


Jen and Joey Go Green

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