Jack-O-Trash, Enviro-Food, & Jobs – GC News #655

655: 9 November 2009 – Published by Green Communities Canada

WALKABLE COMMUNITIES. Mandy Johnson, consultant to Green Communities Canada and coordinator of Ontarians Walking Now, awarded the town of Coe Hill a prize for its inclusion of ideas for "creating a fantastic pedestrian environment in its downtown revitalization planning" … Mandy recently received an Urban Poling Trailblazer Award.

HONORABLE MENTION. "Active and Safe Routes to School‘s most successful initiative is the Walking/Cycling School Bus program that sees volunteer parents or caregivers take turns walking or cycling with children to and from school", says  Guelph Mercury article … Clean Nova Scotia ecoENERGY services and Green Communities Canada Executive Director Clifford Maynes are mentioned in Today’s Parents article.

WELL AWARE. Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller, Well Aware Program Manager Heather Kirby and Greening Nipissing Project Director Désirée Ducharme did a guided self-assessment on site at  Nipissing First Nation, 2 November. "We all have a vested interest in our ground water, and the Commissioner wants to ensure that we all do it right," says Heather Kirby … Visit Greening Nipissing Facebook page.

JACK-O’-TRASH. EcoSuperior collaborates with Thunder Bay annual Great Pumpkin Compost Collection. Over 250 tonnes of pumpkins have been diverted from landfills since 2005 … EcoSuperior is hosting an ecoDriver session and block heater timer sale. 12 November.

ECO-FRIENDLY SEASON. Peterborough Green-Up’s Carbon CountDOWN program promotes businesses that carry eco-friendly products and services during the holidays.

FRUITCAKE PROGRAMS. Some non-profit programs are stale, says Blue Avocado – like old fruitcakes that no one wants to eat, but feel guilty about throwing away.

SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION. Canadian National Sustainable Transportation conference: sustainable transportation policies and strategies implemented both nationally and abroad. Toronto, 15-18 November … Bike lanes on major streets are necessary to encourage Canadians to use bicycles for utilitarian trips, says Clean Air Partnership study.

CALIFORNIA NEWS. Wineries are aiming to transform their wastes into fuel … A wastewater facility will use restaurants and grocery stores’ food scraps as a source of electricity … A trash collection and a petroleum engineering firm have partnered to create a plant that makes liquefied natural gas from landfill gas.

CLIMATE CHANGE. Discussion on climate justice organized by Caribbean Studies Students Union. Toronto, 19 November …  Moms Against Climate Change demand that political leaders protect children’s future from global warming … Bill C-311 (Climate Change Accountability Act) could be voted on before the Summit in Copenhagen is over … 6,000 people took part in the recording of The Big Ask, asking politicians to act now against climate change.

ENVIRO-FOOD. "The combination of rising seas, melting glaciers, and crop-withering heat waves could […] force millions of families to survive on one meal a day", says Earth Policy InstituteBeyond Hunger and Profit: Grassroots Solutions to the Global Food Crisis forum:  farm movement leaders and global thinkers discuss the future of food. Ottawa, 26 November … A worldwide movement urges government bodies around the globe to officially declare a meat free day … See video Killing Fields: the battle to feed factory farms.

JOBS. Manitoba Eco-Network , Community Water Protection and Conservation Liaison.  Winnipeg, due 17 November …  Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor. Vancouver, due immediately.

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