Get wet with David Suzuki – Healthy Oceans

From the David Suzuki Foundation

Oceans provide half of the world’s oxygen and moderate the climate so we can live on the Earth’s surface. As a fundamental source of food, energy, water and air, the oceans sustain communities and economies from coast to coast. Despite their importance, less than one per cent of Canada’s oceans are protected.

I AM FISH from David Suzuki Foundation on Vimeo.

We have a unique opportunity to protect Canada’s oceans before it’s too late. A conservation plan including a network of marine protected areas in the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area can help turn things around. But we need your help to make it happen.

Join David Suzuki on a virtual journey through one of Canada’s most spectacular marine environments, the Pacific North Coast. Learn how its unique features interact to support life on land and in the sea, and why they need your help.

Watch this video, download the Google Earth tour, sign the letter and find out how you can take action to keep our oceans healthy.

Dive in at

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