Big Businesses Going Green: Eco-Friendly efforts pay off for large companies

By Karran FinlayKarran_color-36 (guest contributor)

Incorporating eco-efforts into your every day business practices can not only save you money, but it can positively affect your brand. This is true for any sized company; in fact big corporations are initiating some of the most talked about “green” efforts.

Microsoft’s Convergence Tradeshow in March 2009 was the first U.S. event to be certified under BS 8901 – a British sustainable management standard developed for the events industry. Microsoft’s eco event practices attracted delegates but also ensured that Microsoft was moving in the right direction to achieve their sustainability goals.

Suncor Energy is also investing in clean, renewable energy sources. They have four wind power farms in operation with a total capacity of 147 megawatts. These farms offset the equivalent of around 284, 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. Suncors long-term goal is to develop a new power initiative every 12 to 18 months. They’re currently looking into additional wind farm locations to build on their wind energy portfolio. I hope they successfully achieve their green power goals and continue to make renewable energy sources a priority.

Even insurance companies are increasing their “green” offerings. Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company(a company of Allianz) has launched green auto insurance. They’re the first to introduce hybrid upgrade auto insurance, enabling car owners to “go green”. Companies are spending more to bring in eco-specialists to ensure these programs can be available for the increasing consumer demand. A recent article, posted on “The Green Economy Post” (by Tracey de Morsella), also outlined a survey showing that many companies are increasing their hiring of environmentally and sustainability professionals. They noted that GreenBiz analysts are finding that environmental, health and safety (EHS) departments of large corporations are also increasing spending.

And for those that enjoy a little celebrity gossip, we’ve got this for you too. Celebrity “green givers” are also on the rise. More celebrity award shows are ensuring environmental practices with venue choices, lighting, and food practices. Celebs are also getting more involved with highly publicized eco-initiatives and organizations such as Global Green USA and Global Cool.SIENNA MILLER IN MUMBAY

So what does this all mean for big companies today? Going green is a good thing for the environment and your brand. There are many ways to strategically align eco-initiatives to the specific goals of your company or brand and now is the time to start thinking about this if you haven’t already.

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Karran Finlay Marketing (KFM) specializes in strategic and sustainable marketing and event management for luxury brands. From client appreciation events and product launches to extravagant celebrity parties and integrated marketing campaigns, they provide excellent service to ensure a successful project and they do it all while employing environmentally sustainable practices.

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Karran_color-7With over a decade of combined experience in strategic marketing, destination management, public relations, and event management, Karran has piloted everything from client appreciation events and product launches to extravagant celebrity parties and integrated marketing campaigns.

She has created experiences in conjunction with companies and organizations such as the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Hudson’s Bay Company, Bristol Myers Squibb, Alberta Tourism, Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA), and was most recently based at the head office of Holt Renfrew in Toronto, Ontario. During her 7 years at Holt Renfrew, Karran worked in many areas including national event management, public relations and strategic marketing.

Karran created Karran Finlay Marketing (KFM) out of a desire to combine her love of event planning and marketing with her wish to service companies and individuals looking for excellent customer service, strategic thinking and environmentally sustainable practices.

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