CMHC Net Zero Research Conference, Nov. 2-3

It is Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s premier EQuilibrium Housing training event providing in-depth information, analysis and discussion on some of the most sustainable houses ever built in Canada.  It is focussed on helping you understand what it takes to make a net zero energy home and to answer all your detailed questions about them.

Dates:  Forum:  November 2 and 3, 2009
Tours:  November 4
Location:  Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel, Valley Ballroom (10155 – 105 Street)
Tours: Guided tours of the Riverdale and Mill Creek net zero energy homes in Edmonton and the Discovery 3 and CHESS net zero energy homes in Red Deer.

Presenters:  The people who designed and built the net zero energy homes in Edmonton and Red Deer.

Outcomes: See what it takes to make your next house net zero energy or net zero ready.  Discover what can be done right now to design and build sustainable housing for this growing market.

Topics: Learn from the experts about what they did, what they learned, what they are now doing, what are the challenges and opportunities, how to maximise performance and minimise costs, and what it takes to make a sustainable net zero energy house, what are the benefits to the builder and to the consumer, what are visitors to the houses saying.

Learning: Integrated healthy housing with passive solar design, ultra energy efficient construction and appliances, and
commercially-available solar energy systems that produce more energy that the home uses on an annual basis.

Results: Homes that address occupant health and comfort, energy, water and material resource usage, affordability, green house gas (GHG) emissions, and environmental impacts to water, land and air.

More info: For program info, schedule and cost see <> .

To register: Call +1 800 668 2642 or online:

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