MPs urged to pass Copenhagen Climate Bill (C-311)

Ottawa – Over forty leading organizations working on climate change are urging Members of Parliament to fast-track the Copenhagen Climate Bill (C-311), to pass it before international talks in December. An open letter supporting the bill was read aloud in the House of Commons Tuesday afternoon by MP Bruce Hyer.

The letter, signed by Sierra Club Canada, Climate Action Network, NUPGE and many others was addressed to all Members of Parliament and asks them to act swiftly to pass the bill before international climate talks in Copenhagen, December 7-18.

The bill, introduced by Hyer in February, would set national greenhouse gas emission targets needed to avoid dangerous climate change.

“This is the last chance for Members of Parliament to give direction to the government on what to do in Copenhagen on behalf of all Canadians,” said Mike Buckthought, Sierra Club Canada’s National Climate Change Campaigner. “Passing this bill will ensure that Canada takes a leadership role in the global fight against runaway global warming.”

A critical vote will be held on October 21, which will determine whether or not this crucial legislation will be passed before the Copenhagen summit. The open letter urges Members of Parliament to expedite passage of the bill and avoid further delays in the Environment Committee.

An earlier version of this climate legislation, Bill C-377, passed its third and final reading in the House of Commons in June 2008, but did not complete Senate consideration before Parliament dissolved for the October 2008 federal election.

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