Help us make climate history this weekend! – Bridge to Cool a Planet

B2CP-Flyer---for-emailing VTACC is helping organise an amazing event coming up this Saturday, Oct.24thBridge to a Cool Planet.  It is part of the | global campaign: (3000+ events happening all around the world), and it will likely be Western Canada’s largest climate action event ever!   I want to invite you to join in and I’d like to ask you to invite all your friends.

October 24 is a crucial time for the public to show it cares about this issue.  World leaders are meeting in Copenhagen this December to agree on a treaty to stop global warming. If they fail, we are all in big trouble.  Canada needs to be strong leader at these talks, but instead it is obstructing progress at advance meetings and laying the ground work for failure at the talks themselves.(1,2)  This is not acceptable.

It is clear that mass public mobilization is the only thing that will make our government take action. We need your help to make that happen next weekend! Please come to this amazing event and show you care! Invite your friends, family and colleagues too!

With city support we are closing off Cambie Bridge for a massive gathering and banner drop at noon on the 24th. Then we’ll take part in a spectacular march/parade to Science World — please consider coming in costume and bringing a sign!  Around Science World there will be an eco-fair with music, kids performers, salsa dancing, and  informative and inspiring booths set up by various groups.  It’s going to to be a powerful call to action and a fun party all rolled into one!
Full details are on the the web site:   You can also get involved through facebook:  and follow us on twitter:

We want to have fun on October 24th, but the situation is critical.  Our government needs to take action on global warming, and they are only going to do that if we tell them to.  Please come to the Bridge this Saturday.   Ask all your friends to come too — in person, by email, on facebook and through twitter.  Please forward this message.
And by the way, to those of you who have donated financially over the past two weeks, Thank You!  We’ve raised close to $11,000 and we’re almost able to pay off the whole event and have a bit left over to get a headstart on next year.  If you can, please help us make Climate Action History this weekend: Donate

See you on the bridge!

Kevin Washbrook,

for Voters Taking Action on Climate Change

1. Canada’s Prentice Says December Climate Change Talks May Fail Bloomberg Sept 23 2009
2. Canadian position prompts walk-out by developing countries at climate talks Canadian Press Oct 12 2009

UPDATE: Watch a video slideshow from the event!

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