Video: Greenpeace blocks Suncor Conveyor Belt

The campaign to stop the expansion of the Alberta tar sands has escalated. Greenpeace has taken action to block Suncor Energy Inc’s‘s conveyor belt at an upgrader facility in Alberta.

“One of the worst offenders affecting climate change”

Greenpeace points out:

  • The tar sands are one of the largest remaining deposits of oil in the world. Developing these oil sands has created the biggest industrial development project, the biggest capital investment project, and the biggest energy project in the world. It has also created a literal hell on earth.
  • Areas of wilderness the size of small countries are chewed up and replaced by a landscape of toxic lakes, open pit mines, refineries, and pipe lines. The tar sands are what unrestrained fossil fuel use and unchecked greenhouse gas emissions look like. They are pushing us towards runaway climate change.

Greenpeace notes that at its Fort McMurray site alone, Suncor spews 637 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents into the atmosphere every hour, making the oil giant one of the worst offenders in affecting climate change. Suncor also ranked first in the country for the emissions of both toluene and benzene.

Suncor has intentions to expand in Fort McMurray and around the world

Watch the the September 30th blockade:

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