Obstacles to Climate Change Agreement in Copenhagen

Worldfocus interviews Kumi Naidoo on the current status of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh and the run up to the UN Summit on climate change in Copenhagen.  Naidoo is Chairman of TckTckTck and soon to be Executive Director of Greenpeace International.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said failure to reach broad agreement would be morally inexcusable.

The President of the Maldives pointedly stated that climate change complacency is a ‘global suicide pact’.

A lead climate scientist and recipient of the 2007 Nobel Prize, on behalf of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has called on Canada to put tar sands development on hold. Switchboard reports that, “because of its tar-sands-at-any-cost policies, Canada has also worked to undermine the international negotiations leading up to Copenhagen”

Thanks to a local B.C. blogger, Monkeycycle, for sourcing this video.

Worldfocus responds to the mainstream media’s diminished coverage of international news. The nightly news program and Web site reaches beyond that of the traditional newsroom, Worldfocus compiles a broad range of voices from around the world — from the European economics professor to the El Salvadoran shopkeeper blogging about his daily business.

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