Techno-Trash, Car Talk, & Flashy Environmentalists – GC News #649

649: 21 September 2009 – Published by Green Communities Canada

CLEAN WATER. Durham Sustain Ability and RiverSides present a workshop for homeowners on how to protect creeks and create natural gardens. 24 September.

FILM FESTIVAL. Green Ideas Network (Burnaby, B.C.) hosts  3rd Annual Environmental Film Festival : environmental documentaries, post-film discussions with experts, educational displays.  2-3 October.

FUNDRAISING. Clean Calgary aims to raise $50,000 by 22 October.  Clean Calgary is run by 15 staff and countless volunteers who delivered environmental education presentations to more than  9,000 people last year.

TECHNO-TRASH. Community Environment Alliance’s Share-IT program collects obsolete or unused computers and peripherals from household and business storages to distribute the reusable equipments to newcomers and low-income families … See Clean Calgary cellphone recycling program … What to do with residential e-waste.

ROADSHOW. Équiterre sponsors a street painter for Car-Free Day. See In Town, Without My Car!activities such asa 72-feet lunch table, street hockey… Peterborough Green Up celebrates Car Free Day: corn roast, bike prizes. 26 September.

REEP FAME. Waterloo Region Green Solutions was featured on CTV’s news on 14 September, as part of the Consumer Reports section.

CAR TALK. Promoting and Sustaining Consumer Demand for Highly Fuel Efficient Automobiles (report), by Pollution Probe, outlines market segments, barriers to fuel-efficient purchases, and recommendations  … Over one million people die each year on the world’s roads, and almost half of those are pedestrians and cyclists, says report …  Bus built out of 50 crushed cars promotes public transit.

ENVIRONMENTALLY-MINDED. Bullfrog Films publishes independently-produced, environmental DVDs & videos … Collection of humourous environmental cartoons.

FLASHY ENVIRONMENTALISTS. "The modern alternative to being luxurious is spending extra money to broadcast that you are a pro-social, pro-environmental individual," says study … Is that what explains the$960 reusable shopping bag

JOBS. Elora Environment Centre, Customer Service Representative. Due 24 September … Community Bicycle Network, Lead Mechanic. Toronto, due 30 September … City of Kelowna,  Air Quality Coordinator. Due 29 September.

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