Saving our endangered forest by giving it away

By Andrew Lush

A new partnership between forest conservation groups and the latest web
technology is encouraging many more people to invest in the future of
our native forest.

Hunter River, PEI – Five environmental organizations have recently joined forces to launch Trees In Trust, a web-based system that re-packages forest conservation as a gift, memorial or carbon offset.

With global warming, carbon offsets and personal environmental responsibility on everyone’s mind these days, the timing couldn’t be better for a service makes forest conservation available to everyone in an attractive form.

Traditionally, woodland preservation groups have raised funds by donations from conservation-minded individuals, but Trees In Trust is providing the means for these non-profit trusts to raise funds from a broader range of sources. In exchange for a donation, the group will dedicate a mapped piece of forest and print a dedication certificate, all instantly via the web. “I spent $30 on a piece of woodland for my son’s birthday,” says Frank MacEachern of Charlottetown. “Once he saw where it was on a map, he was really intrigued.”

After you have paid on-line and entered your dedication details on the website, your own piece of forest is held in your name in perpetuity, protected by the strongest laws available in that province.

Four woodland preservation trusts currently have forests available through Trees In Trust and three others are planning to add their forests as well. Eventually there will be forests across North America in the system, so anyone will be able to choose a piece of woodland near to themselves or near to the recipient of the gift.

Trees In Trust plans to permanently secure the future of 1,200 hectares of endangered forest within ten years. To dedicate a piece of woodland to someone, visit

Andrew Lush moved to Canada from the UK eleven years ago. Manager of the local watershed restoration group and active in a number of environmental organizations, Andrew started Trees In Trust in order to make a difference in native forest preservation. Andrew lives in Hunter River, Prince Edward Island.

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