Let Obama Know, Canadians do NOT support Dirty Oil

From the Dogwood Initiative:

Take action. Don’t let Stephen Harper trick President Obama into believing Canadians support dirty oil.

During the Bush era many of my American friends were furious and embarrassed that their country was seen by the world as climate criminals – denying global warming, obstructing meaningful action and pushing for the exploitation of fossil fuels around the world.

Unfortunately, now it’s our turn. Next week Stephen Harper will be visiting the Obama White House to try to sell the President on one of the most destructive projects on earth, Canada’s oil sands.

Stephen Harper, like Bush, is well supported by the oil industry, and until recently denied global warming. He no longer denies it but that hasn’t stopped him promoting the massive expansion of Canada’s fastest growing producer of heat trapping gas emissions – Alberta’s oil sands.

The oil sands have become a global embarrassment for Canada. Protests have been mounted across Europe to shut down what some say is the world’s most destructive project. Canada’s proud ‘green’ image is in tatters.

Write President Obama and let him know that Canada is still a nation of responsible people that care about the future of our planet.


You can send a message that Canadians still believe in a vision of a better world, and are willing to do our part to build it. Write President Obama today and ask him to stand with ordinary Canadians who say ‘no’ to dirty oil and ‘yes’ to a greener future.

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