Concerned Citizens Launch Zero Waste BC

Kamloops, BC – Today a network of citizens groups and public interest organizations will hold the inaugural meeting of the new Zero Waste BC Network in order to coordinate efforts to fight waste incinerators that have been proposed throughout BC.
Last week a proposed incineration facility was opposed by a vote of 9 – 0 by Kamloops City Council, but the project could go ahead over their objections if the provincial government approves. The Council has written a letter to the provincial government requesting that the project be rejected. 
“It is vital for communities from across BC to join together to fight incineration. This is now a province wide issue and we need a province wide response”, said Lorna Williams from the Save Kamloops Coalition.
The Zero Waste BC Network meeting will be hosted by the Wilderness Committee and will bring together environmental, health, community and parent groups. They intend to focus on diverting materials away from incinerators or landfills with “zero waste” strategies including curb-side compost pickup and enhanced recycling programs.
“We are all very concerned about the health impacts of these waste burning facilities. Dioxins and other toxins are very dangerous and we need to do everything we can to make sure these facilities aren’t built in BC. The solution is to eliminate wastefulness, not burn our garbage.” said Wilderness Committee Healthy Communities Campaigner Ben West. 
There are proposals to build incinerators in several BC communities, including six in BC’s Lower Mainland.
“Being able to join forces with a large group like Zero Waste BC will help to strengthen our community’s voice to oppose incineration,” said Monica Phillips, from the community based group Protect Christina Lake.

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