50 Creative WWF Campaigns

…that Make You Think Twice.

While DDB Brazil’s ‘Tsunami ad‘ is offensive, hopefully it does not distract people from what’s important.

We are, more often than not, inundated with advertising. But, we do rely on ads to some degree — to be informed, shop and compare, gain perspective, be motivated to act. Sure there is spin, but the truth can also be surfaced. Responsible, intelligent people can discern the difference.

Design Inspiration reminds us that, “to WWF, what’s important is to get their message passed to the public, and to arise the public awareness of the importance of protecting the nature.” They have collected “some of the most powerful and eye-catching ads of WWF. They are all creative and well executed, and the message is clear.”

Here’s what we may want to keep in mind in the aftermath of DDB Brazil’s ‘Tsunami ad’. Check it out and tell us what you think:

Design Inspiration’s collection of, ‘50 Creative WWF Campaigns that Make You Think Twice

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