Walkability, Heritage Retrofit, Socially Acceptable Terrorism – GC News #646

646: 31 August 2009 – Published by Green Communities Canada

WELL AWARE. Heather Kirby, Well Aware Project Manager, was in Sault Ste. Marie for the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation Annual Conference  last week.  Well Aware has partnered with OFNTSC  for a pilot taking the Well Aware model into two First Nations Communities, with funding fromRBC: Blue Water Project.

BANK FOOTPRINT. Clean Calgary tells you whether your bank account is funding global warming … According to The Better World Handbook, banking is one of the top ten actions individuals can take to create a better world …  Check  your bank’s carbon footprint.

WALKABILITY. Newest issue of Green Communities Canada Walkolution News is online. See  Walkability Roadshow Update, and  Ontarians Walking Now:  Ottawa Pedestrian Plan,  Uxbridge Trails Capital of Canada  …  Canada Walks website features an updated walkON toolkit and walkability checklist  as well as resources, tools and links.

GREEN JOBS. EcoSuperior is seeking  consultants to study sustainable economic development opportunities in Thunder Bay. “We believe there are significant development opportunities in green businesses such as renewable energy, local food production and eco-tourism," said Ellen Mortfield, EcoSuperior’s executive director.  Funding from various sources has been secured. 

TRAILS. The position of Thunder Bay Active Transportation Plan coordinator has been filled by Adam Krupper thanks to a partnership between EcoSuperior and the City. "Thunder Bay is in a unique situation," said Krupper. "We just got $1.5 million to rehabilitate all of our trails.”  

DURHAM NEWS. Durham Sustain Ability launched a Facebook Fan Page … Enter DSA’s Think Outside the Car  Sustainable Transportation Contest … Durham Region Green Drinks is held the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

HERITAGE RETROFIT. Preserve Conserve Heritage is Windfall Ecology Centre’s  new guidebook for heritage homeowners and operators … Find salvaged architectural materials across Canada.

ECO-POLL.  Voters do not want governments to ease off on measures to protect the environment and combat global warming, says survey: 67% say the environment should be just as much as priority for governments as tackling economic problems and 74 % say governments are not doing enough on the environment.

BIKE SUMMIT. Ontario Bike Summit will share best practices to help create  bicycle friendly communities.  Hosted by Share the Road Cycling Coalition and City of Waterloo.  Kelso Conservation Area ,  20 September. 

CLEAN CARS. Most people in Canada would rather buy an environmentally-friendly car than their dream car; 49% wants to see their national governments introduce legislation to discourage the use of gasoline-fueled vehicles and encourage the introduction of cleaner alternatives.

SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE TERRORISM.  As part of an artistic/political movement, Quebecers gather along busy city streets at rush hour holding signs that say "Encore Seul(e) dans ton Char" (Driving alone once again).

JOBS. Peterborough Green-Up, Environmental Educator, Secondary School/Youth Programs. Due 1 September … EcoSource, Elementary Workshops/ Youth Summer Program Coordinator.
Mississauga, due 4 September … Ecojustice, Director of Development.  Vancouver or Toronto, 30 September.

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