Atlantic Eco-Expo


“Atlantic Eco-Expo offers premium opportunity for exhibitors and regional economic development” Halifax, NS – November 21 and 22, 2009.

Green business is becoming an increasingly profitable enterprise for many Canadian firms, as the carbon footprint of a firm is an important factor in consumer choice of products and services. Given that resources are finite, consumers now demand that businesses do their part to ensure that future generations are left a livable world.

he Atlantic Eco-Expo is an event that will provide businesses, government organizations, and not-for-profit groups with the opportunity to showcase their sustainable solutions to thousands of environmentally conscious consumers. 

“We are bringing together like-minded consumers and businesses,” says event director Jordan Ekers. “Our goal is to promote economic development in the Atlantic Region, while raising awareness of sustainable products and services. “

The Atlantic Eco-Expo will showcase products and services in various categories including: Eco-Fashion, Eco-Tourism, Educational Institutions, Food & Beverage, Green Building, Green Business & Technology, Green Transportation, Government, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, and Not-for-Profit.

Due to recent changes in consumer spending patterns, businesses and organizations can now achieve both environmental and economical success. This green movement is not a fad, but a fundamental shift in the way consumers evaluate where they spend their money. Don’t miss your chance to showcase your products and services to thousands of eco-minded consumers willing to spend!

The Atlantic Eco-Expo will be held at the Exhibition Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For more information on the Atlantic Eco-Expo please visit our website at

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