2009 Solar Panel Installation Workshops: SPEC

English: Flipped version of MIT Solar One House
English: Flipped version of MIT Solar One House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thinking about how to make your house, business, or Summer cabin more energy-efficient and sustainable?

Alternative sources of energy are becoming increasingly important as the world deals with peak oil.  Environmentally responsible people try to find sustainable ways to generate electricity without adding greenhouse gas emissions.  Renewable energy, like solar energy, replaces itself.

Register at one of SPEC‘s (Society Promoting Environmental Conservation) workshops and learn about three different solar energy systems: solar hot water, solar space heater, and PV (Photovoltaic) panels that convert sunlight to electricity.  See what the solar panels look like and get your questions answered.

SPEC’s 2009 solar tour schedule has three workshops remaining for this year:

  • Thursday, August 20 at 3 PM
  • Saturday, September 19 at 3 PM
  • Thursday, October 8 at 3 PM

LocationSPEC building, 2150 Maple Street, Vancouver, BC

Cost:  $10/tour. Any additional person you bring is $5. Free for SPEC members

Pre-register online:  email to admin[at]spec.bc.ca
(with the names of people attending and date of the tour preferred)


  • make cheques out to “SPEC” and dropped off or mailed to 2150 Maple St, Vancouver BC, V6J 3T3
  • cash only at the door

The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) is a non-profit
charitable organization that addresses environmental issues in British
Columbia, with a particular focus on urban communities in Lower
Mainland and the Georgia Basin.  Since 1969, SPEC has worked to raise public awareness on environmental issues and encourage
policies and practices that lead to urban sustainability.

Read more about SPEC and how they’ve played a part in maintaining the natural beauty of B.C. and developing, in part, the healthy lifestyle Vancouverites enjoy — http://www.spec.bc.ca/about/index.php 

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