Delphi publishes new report – North American Cap-and-Trade Regulation: Compliance Requirements and Offset Eligibility

image Climate change and cap-and-trade regulation exists, or is presently being designed, in more than 30 jurisdictions across North America. While some of these jurisdictions have stated their intention to eventually harmonize regulation, presently there is significant disparity, overlap and even conflicting requirements from one scheme to another.

From reporting and compliance options to offset eligibility and allowance provisions, organizations face a high degree of complexity, confusion, and uncertainty in attempting to comply with – or operate within – the various regulatory regimes they face.

The report provides a general overview of cap-and-trade systems and a detailed analysis of the 11 existing and emerging schemes in North America. For each of the schemes, the review provides a summary of:

  • The scope;
  • The cap;
  • The sectors to be regulated;
  • Allowance provisions: allocation, banking and borrowing;
  • Compliance options & requirements;
  • Reporting & verification requirements; and,
  • Offset eligibility

The schemes covered in this report are: Alberta; Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; Western Climate Initiative; British Columbia; Manitoba, Ontario; Quebec, Canadian Federal; US Federal (Waxman-Markey – ACES); Midwestern GHG Reduction Accord; and, California. The report is priced at $1850.00 and we will be providing regular updates to the report which will be priced separately.

To order a copy, email Brad Fowler at

For more information visit:

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