Green Index helps green orgs, businesses find, use green services

The word ‘green’ is thrown around loosely nowadays. It’s used in website names, businesses and slogans. So how do you know bullfrogpower green directory who’s making a commitment to support 100% renewable energy?
Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading 100% green electricity provider in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, has launched a new service — the Bullfrogpowered Green Directory — that helps green-minded consumers and environmental businesses and organizations find and support each other. What’s more, it also helps environmental organizations and businesses connect to support each other. Why is that so important? By doing so, we create a circular effect that drives change and sends a powerful message about how dollars are spent and where.
Some of Canada’s leading environmental organizations and services, which have chosen to become bullfrogpowered, are listed in the directory.
Today, consumers and businesses want to support organizations and services that are committed to sustainable businesse practices. The easy-to-use Bullfrog Power Green Directory makes finding the right services and products a breeze. 

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