Measurable Effects of Fast Food on Your Body

Did you know that doctors can now measure the effects of fast food on your arteries? Even within two hours after you’ve consumed the high fat meal?

ABC News conducted a seemingly novel, but eye-opening experiment based on viewer questions about what a healthier meal does for the body. The news network sent one of its reporters and a producer to the University of Maryland’s medical centre for ‘before and after’ tests.

Binging on a fast food meal, evidently, yielded negative results. It’s not surprising since each “guinea pig” consumed 6,000 calories and more than ten times the recommended intake of saturated fat. You could see the difference in the blood samples: It wasn’t pretty.

In the second sitting, the news team chose healthier meals from the same fast food outlets where they had unhealthy meals. This time, the reporter and producer each consumed 1,000 calories with three grams of saturated fat – including dessert. Two hours later, the producer’s second blood test looked almost fat free. The reporter’s second blood test showed that her blood was clear of fat and her arteries had actually expanded. Salmon seemed to have benefited her.

Every meal counts for your long-term health.

Watch the ABC News report, ‘Effects of a Healthy Meal on Your Body‘, at:

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