Atlantic Eco Expo coming to Halifax

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The first annual Atlantic Eco-Expo is coming to Halifax Nov. 21-22 at Exhibition Park. The show will promote and raise awareness of green products and services, and sustainability. Exhibitor categories include eco-fashion, eco-tourism,
green business and technology, home and garden, education, green building, green transportation and much more.

And you can instantly help the cause for a greener world by attending the show and dropping off your old cellphone t0o be recycled. What’s more, when you take this action, your admission to the show is free. Other features at the show will be a Green Kids Zone, green cuisine and guest speakers.

What we particularly like about the Atlantic Eco-Expo is its steps to walk the talk. In today’s world, more and more consumers, organizations and companies are taking a harder look at the services they use, and the commitments they make to back up their promotion of green. That’s where the Atlantic Eco-Expo scores big marks. Check out these measures to reduce the show’s footprint:

  • Communication technology to limit paper trail
  • Affiliation with green hotel for the event
  • Exhibitor materials and manual provided electronically
  • Incentives to use public transportation
  • All signage reused and recycled
  • Event clothing 100% certified organic
  • Significant effort to limit water usage and electricity demand
  • Partnering with sustainable businesses for event marketing, logistics, and planning
  • Selected location with sustainability initiatives

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