Alberta’s plans for Carbon Capture and Storage

Edmonton – The Alberta government has released the final report of the Carbon Capture and Storage Development Council. Its recommendations are designed to be a blueprint for how the province can best implement carbon capture and storage (CCS).
Chaired by former Syncrude president Jim Carter, the council reviewed the economic, infrastructure and regulatory needs of CCS and how government and industry can work together now, and in the future. The council included experts from the provincial and federal governments, industry, and the research sector.
“I would like to thank Jim Carter and the council for their efforts developing this comprehensive plan,” said Energy Minister Mel Knight. “The council’s recommendations will be considered carefully as the report moves through the government process and Alberta moves forward with CCS technology development.”
The council, composed of representatives from a variety of sectors, was appointed by Premier Ed Stelmach in April of 2008. Creating the council was a pledge made in Alberta’s 2008 Climate Change Strategy which committed to reducing projected emissions by 200 megatonnes by 2050.
CCS technology involves capturing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources and transporting them by pipeline to sites where they are injected and sealed in deep rock formations for permanent storage.
Visit the Government of Alberta website for more information on carbon capture and storage.

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