PEI contributes $120,000 to Leard’s Pond Restoration

Grass-Covered dunes on Prince Edward Island
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PEI Premier Robert Ghiz recently announced provincial support for the restoration of Leard’s Pond.

Premier Ghiz and Environment, Energy and Forestry Minister Richard Brown traveled to Coleman to meet with the Leard’s Pond Environment Committee and to inform them that the government of Prince Edward Island will provide $120,000 to allow the committee to complete restoration and reflooding of the pond. The province has provided $60,000 to restoration of Leard’s Pond over the last two years and the project has also been supported by local fundraising, volunteer work and support from Ducks Unlimited.

“The members of the Leard’s Pond Environment Committee have donated money, volunteered countless hours and made equipment available to help restore their local pond. We’re pleased to be able to support the local community when it takes on a cause that will both beautify the area and provide wildlife habitat,” said Premier Ghiz.
The Premier and Minister also thanked O’Leary-Inverness MLA Robert Henderson for his efforts in making the announcement a reality.

Leard’s Pond was built in 1888 to supply power to a lumber and stone, mill owned by Peter Warren Leard. The provincial government acquired the pond in 1954 and declared the pond and surrounding areas a Natural Area in 1993.

In recent years, sedimentation and an overgrowth of plants – caused by excess nutrients – have hurt the pond’s suitability as a home for fish and wildlife. Rising temperatures have increased the challenge of keeping the pond healthy and viable.

“With this excavation work, restoration of the fishway, and reflooding of the pond, we hope to see Leard’s Pond cooler, deeper and healthier as a habitat,” said Minister Brown. “This project is putting some life back into a well-loved natural area.”

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