Burrard Bridge – Contact the Media and Ride Over the Bridge Monday

From Richard Campbell via livable communities listserv

Please pass this on to your friends that walk, cycle and run over Burrard Bridge.

Well, Monday is the big day. The first weekday for the Burrard Bridge Protected Lanes Trial.

First of all, the protected lanes are really fantastic. It is so great to be able to ride over the bridge without potential conflicts with pedestrians. It is also great to see people walking side by side on the sidewalks without having to dodge cyclists.

Ride Over the Bridge During Afternoon Rush Hour
If the traffic does get backed up, it will likely happen during the afternoon rush hour. It would be great to have lots of cyclists in the bike lanes. If you can’t make it then, any other time of the day is great for a ride as well.

There are several rides over the bridge being organized for Monday:

Lets make the story crowded bike lanes, not congested traffic lanes!

Contact the Media and Mayor and Council
You can bet that people who don’t like the safe lanes on the Bridge will be phoning radio call in shows, contacting Mayor and Council and sending letters to the newspapers.

It is critical that you do the same and phone call in shows, contact mayor and council and send letters to the editor. We need to show the media and the Mayor that lots of people support safe cycling and walking facilities on Burrard Bridge.

Remember that the safety of all people that use the bridge must be the priority.

If you support a two-lane reallocation so that pedestrians can use the east sidewalk again, a successful one-lane reallocation is the best way to convince mayor and council that a two-lane reallocation is the best long term solution.

Radio Station Call in Shows

CKNW – 980 AM

Open Line: (604) 280-9898, Toll Free: 1 (877) 399-9898

7:30-8:30am – Phillip Till
8:30-9:30am – Bill Good
12:30 – 3:00pm – Christy Clark
3:00-7:00pm – John McComb

Comment Line: (604) 331-2784

CBC – 690 AM
7:30-8:30am – Early Edition – 604-662-6690
12:00-2:00pm – BC Almanac – Open Line: (604) 669-3733, Talk Back Line: 604-662-6104
3:00-6:00pm – Stephen Quinn – (604) 662-6979

TALK 1410 AM
Open Line: (604) 280-1410

News 1130 AM
Listener comment line: 604-877-6332

Mayor and Council

gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca, clranton@vancouver.ca, clrcadman@vancouver.ca, clrchow@vancouver.ca, clrdeal@vancouver.ca, clrjang@vancouver.ca, clrlouie@vancouver.ca, clrmeggs@vancouver.ca, clrreimer@vancouver.ca, clrstevenson@vancouver.ca, clrwoodsworth@vancouver.ca

Mayor Robertson – 604-604-873-7621

Councillors’ phone numbers – http://vancouver.ca/ctyclerk/mayorcouncil/councillors.htm

Newspaper Letters to the Editor
Vancouver Sun – sunletters@vancouversun.com
Vancouver Province – provletters@theprovince.com
National Post – letters@nationalpost.com
Globe & Mail – letters@GlobeAndMail.ca
24 Hours – feedback@24hrs.ca
Metro News – vancouverletters@metronews.ca
Vancouver Courier – editorial@vancourier.com
Westender – editor@westender.com

Join the Facebook Group
For those of you on Facebook, please join the group. And invite your friends. Lets get over a 1000 members to show that there is a lot of support for the trial.

More Information

City of Vancouver:

Burrard Bridge Blog:

Councillor Megges has a good summary of the history of the Burrard Bridge proccess:


Richard Campbell


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