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Ecology… master science or modest guide?
"The New Ecology" issue is finally here, full of lively debates and probing questions. Is ecology this century’s new "master science"? How can ecology best inform policy? Does it all just hinge on politics?

Obama, Harper and ecology
William Rees postulates on the poignant question: "What would happen if our politicians ruled as if ecology mattered?"

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The Evolution of Alternatives
Peruse the ecological wisdom found in Alternatives’ back issues.

20.3: Making Sense of the Ecosystem Approach includes Stephen Bocking’s history of the ecosystem concept, and the late, great James Kay’s comprehensive exploration of the ecosystem approach.

23.4: Biodiversity reminds us that by impoverishing the natural world, we impoverish ourselves.

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Download "The New Ecology" podcast and get the extended "What if ecology mattered…" conversation with William Rees. You’ll also learn about everything ecological – from microscopic creatures to right whales. Our podcaster, Peter Stock, even heads to the streets of Toronto to find out what ecology means to urban Canadians.

Earth Day Canada’s 2009 Hometown Hero
Liz Benneian, volunteer president of the Oakvillegreen Conservation Association, received her prestigious award on June 10 at the Earth Day Gala in Toronto. Alternatives attended the event and looks forward to featuring Benneian’s full profile in our next issue, "Sustainable Communities." Well done, Liz!

Alternatives mediates at Green T, September 17
We’ll launch our next issue at a panel discussion (focused on Sustainable Communities) with the Crandall sisters: Debbe, Sarah and Sheila. Nicola Ross will stir the pot with talk of environmental activism, philanthropy and being at one with the Earth. 7 pm,

Missed "The New Ecology" launch party?
You can still hear from Bob Wiseman, our special guest musician at Ecology’s launch, by tuning in to his interview with James Walker of Sound FM.

Alternatives is Bullfrog Powered
We’re proud to say we’ve made the leap – protecting our future by investing in renewable energy today.

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