The Icarus Foundation Seeks Industry Involvement

Icarus seeks to bridge the gap between awareness and practice in developing a more sustainable tourism industry for Canada

The Icarus Foundation announces a new program for Canadian travel and tourism businesses to benefit from the organization’s expertise and to get involved in making their business and the tourism industry more sustainable.  Icarus has developed an industry membership structure that seeks to involve all travel and tourism players. Membership in Icarus will provide company’s access to a group of experts offering clear and practical advice on sustainable tourism and climate change issues as well as inclusion in a growing network of Canada’s tourism industry leaders who are taking action on the environmental and social impacts of their industry.

The Icarus Foundation is currently developing an online peer network where member organizations share learning’s and best practices in sustainable tourism and climate change issues pertaining to the tourism industry.

Through embracing the principles of sustainable tourism and addressing the tourism industry’s need to address climate change, The Icarus Foundation seeks to work directly with organizations to demonstrate the business case of taking action now, the benefits of which include cost savings, staff loyalty, an increased competitive advantage, improved company image and the possibility of a sustainable future for the tourism industry.

For further information on membership options, please contact Shannon Guihan, Executive Director of The Icarus Foundation.

The Icarus Foundation is a not-for-profit environmental, policy, research and education organization focused on sustaining a climate friendly tourism industry.  The only national organization focusing on the relationship between the tourism industry and climate change, Icarus provides practical information, programs and research that enables operators, hosts and guests to minimize the greenhouse gases generated by tourism activity. The Icarus Foundation’s mission is to ‘To be the catalyst that helps Canada become a climate friendly tourism destination’.

For more information about climate change and tourism, visit


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