Aquacultural Revolution

Sea lice, L. salmonis, on farmed Atlantic salm...
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Aquacultural Revolution, a new documentary from the Watershed Watch Salmon Society, features many prominent scientists and First Nations representatives who speak their minds about the salmon farming industry and the numerous problems associated with it.

The film makes a comprehensive, science-based case for changing the aquaculture industry.

You can view the entire film at the Watershed Watch website, or check out the shorter YouTube version of the film.

The Watershed Watch also suggests some simple ways you can help, listed below:

  • Always ask if it’s farmed or wild, and think twice about buying farmed salmon
  • Make a donation to Watershed Watch Salmon Society or other environmental NGOs and help protect wild salmon
  • Get your concerns on record. Send a fax to the government and let them know changes must happen soon
  • Learn more about sea lice and salmon farming below and at Watershed Watch’s sea lice page

Aquacultural Revolution was created by filmmaker Damien Gillis, from Save Our Rivers Society, in collaboration with Watershed Watch Salmon Society (with support from the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform and Save Our Salmon.)

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