Greenwashing No More – Get The Real Green Marketing Program

kiwano_logo You’re already implementing sustainable practices, but are you telling your story? Whether you are just now going green or your business has long gone through that road, your marketing communications should reflect your core beliefs. Kiwano Marketing, a green marketing services provider, is your answer.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Kiwano Marketing helps small, local businesses effectively market themselves while helping the environment and their community. Whether it’s online marketing, public relations or marketing strategy, Kiwano Marketing works individually with each client, developing custom and environmentally friendly programs uniquely designed for the customer’s needs (and budget).

When dealing with Kiwano, you can instantly feel the difference of working with a truly sustainable business. From their mission statement (“to help our customers and our community reduce their professional and personal footprint on our planet.”) to Kiwano’s core values (“genuine desire to help others, honesty, affordability”), Kiwano Marketing is changing the rules on how to do business in North America.

“Any task [Kiwano co-owner] Cecilia undertook, was sure to be done to highest quality standards”, says Vladimir Pavlovic, owner of V&V Consulting, and Kiwano’s partner. “It is rare to find so many good qualities and such experience in one person." Customers are also pleased with Kiwano’s fresh approach to business: ‘Sofia’s expertise in online marketing has helped me take my start-up to the next level’, says Boris Smus from Guitar Unleashed. ‘Her contagious enthusiasm
and positive attitude is a pleasure to work with. No matter what the task, Sofia always goes above and beyond my expectations.’

For more information on Kiwano Marketing’s services, visit their website at

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