Putting the direct back into Google Maps non-vehicle directions!

Even though Google Maps now includes bus and transit routes in Calgary, it still does not provide directions as direct as they could be. This is especially true of those trying to travel by non-vehicle means.

For example, people can travel across a park by bike or by foot but vehicles cannot. However, the walking directions ignore this and encourage you to take a less direct route, primarily using roads. The same holds true for inter-street walkways, which many of Calgary`s communities have.
What if these unpaved pathways and inter-street walkways were mapped and then made available for users using Google Maps to see? If these non-vehicle directions could be seen as more direct then could this lead to encouraging greater use of travel by non-vehicle means? That is the experiment and that is where you come in.

I have started with my local community of Brentwood and have mapped all inter-street walkways and unpaved pathways in all mapped (and unmapped) parks that I and others know. I have also added some of the other areas nearby that I am familiar with. I will need your help to map other similar access points in all other communities of Calgary.

For more info on the matter, read my article in the latest Brentwood Bugle available now. To see the map, go to:

Posted By Cody to Cody the carshare guy’s blog at 6/08/2009 10:22:00 AM

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