Interactive Features from The Nature of Things


Geologic Journey

Take a sweeping tour of our national pride – the vast, wild beauty we
call Canada. Geologic Journey breathes relevance into ancient geology
and traces the extraordinary history of our continent to show that the
new world is in fact very, very old. Visit our interactive guide and
find out about geologic hotspots from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to
the Athabasca Glacier of the Rocky Mountains.

Walking with Ghosts

“Walking With Ghosts” follows Elizabeth Hofer, a predator
biologist who has dedicated more than 18 years to tracking the
intricate relationship between the elusive lynx and its prey, the
snowshoe hare. Learn more about the animals, the Kluane region of the
boreal forest, the study techniques and the making of the film. 

Through the Lens

As a supplement to “Through The Lens”,
this feature showcases images of the various hosts through the
evolution of the show, some of the opening sequences from past years,
and satirist Nancy White’s ode to The Nature of Things.


This is a feature that compliments the two part series “Biomimicry: Learning from Nature”.
This interactive feature uses audio and visual elements from the show
and the scientific field to provide examples of Biomimicry,
highlighting this very interesting subject.

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