Full Speed Ahead, Clunker Power, Mutating Waters – GCN #631


631: 11 May 2009 – Published Green Communities Canada

FULL SPEED AHEAD. An energetic ecoDriver training session included speakers and participants fromNatural Resources Canada, a workshop on social marketing by Nova Scotia Drive Wiser, and a Pollution Probe presentation on Consumer Attitudes Towards Purchasing Fuel Efficient Vehicles. The coordinators of Resource Conservation Manitoba’s new Drive Greener project attended as well.

FIVE STEPS. Green Communities Canada Walks kicks off the Canadian Walking Master Class on 12 May in Hamilton, Ontario. Other stops on this five-city tour include Moncton, NB; Kelowna and Metro Vancouver, BC; and Whitehorse, YT. … See Walkolution News for Schools Spring issue in English andFrench.

CLUNKER POWER. B!KE, Peterborough Green-Up’s community bike shop, offers a supervised shop space with tools, parts and expertise for bicycle repair.

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION. Resource Conservation Manitoba’s Green Leap Forward promotes events related to walking, cycling and other active means of transportation for daily commute … See RCM’sActive and Green newsletter.

COMMITMENTS. Actions taken by participants in Équiterre‘s Défi Climat 2009 included: tree planting; purchase of local food; home composting; intent to buy a fuel-efficient car, and purchase of Energy Start home appliances.

TREEROOT INITIATIVE. EcoPerth gives it support to a ten-year school project that will transform 59 acres of property into trails and outdoor classrooms. Residents planted 1,000 trees 2 May and are planning to plant 3,000 more next year.

REUSABLE BAGS. World Wildlife Fund offers free stickers to remind people to carry reusable bags … Elora Environment Centre ECOpac is an environmentally-friendly bag made of rip-stop nylon that can carry up to 50 pounds … See Resource Conservation Manitoba webpage for extensive information about plastic bags.

COMMON FRONT. Our Sector, Our Vision: Shaping a cross-sectoral strategy, Ontario Nonprofit Networkfirst annual province-wide forum aims to build a common agenda to address the issues that confront Ontario’s nonprofits. Toronto, 27-28 May.

FAIRNESS. Our Fair Share: Canada’s Role in Supporting Global Climate Solutions (Pembina Institute) argues that financial support for climate action in developing countries is essential for a global climate deal to be reached by December 2009. "The world’s poorest people have contributed little to global GHG emissions, but are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Canada is the world’s 8th largest emitter of GHG pollution and has the world’s 13th largest economy. This means we have both the responsibility and the capacity to support climate action in developing countries."

MUTATING WATERS. Documentary Poisoned Waters demonstrates that today’s growing environmental threat comes from chemicals in consumers’ face creams, deodorants, prescription medicines and household cleaners finding their way into sewers, storm drains and drinking water.

JOBS. RiverSides, Business Consultant/RainBarrel Enterprise. Toronto, due 19 May … Green Communities Canada , Manager/Well Aware Program. Peterborough, due 22 May.

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