Links Canadian Agriculture Coast to Coast

bftf_logo continues the National Dream of linking Canadians from Newfoundland to British Columbia with a consumer website where all aspects of Canadian agricultural product can be found. is a consumer-centric website with the goal of being the hub between urban consumers and rural producers.  The website provides an interactive community where farmers and urbanites can meet and exchange farm products, desires for new products and ideas, buying experiences, and agricultural concerns.  This interaction will create a dynamic and growing internet destination for consumers looking to participate in rural Canada.

Consumers have access to farm market locations and services using the only National database of Farmers’ Markets available in Canada.  Similarly, direct farm purchases are facilitated through product lists, location maps, and contact information.  Upcoming features will include recipes, educational materials and links.

The website caters to producers of all commodities, including vegetables, livestock, grains, and specialty crops. will also engage food processors and other downstream members of the agri-food value chain to link producers, processors, and consumers.

The ‘Buy Local’ movement has captured the imagination of consumers, marketers, and farmers across Canada.  While direct sales and Farmer’s Markets have a long historical presence, the internet age has provided a new opportunity for farmers to connect with customers and to provide the information they require.

Sir Sandford Fleming had a dream in 1858 of a trans-Canada railroad to encourage communications and product flow within Canada. Today, 150 years later, the internet serves much of the same function. provides a single, integrated site for all Canadian consumers to find locally produced food.

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