Walk Softly Communications Launches New Initiative to help Companies Implement Sustainable Business Practices

Vancouver, B.C. (May 4, 2009) – Walk Softly Communications announced today the launch of a new initiative that will assist entrepreneurs, executives and employees of small businesses committed to the environment, and sustainable business practices, become more successful by learning from the knowledge and expertise of North America’s sustainability business leaders.

The Leaders of Sustainability is a series of in-depth interviews with leading small businesses that have demonstrated a sustainable approach to business is good for profits, communities and the environment.

“Our objective with this initiative is to provide small businesses with a forum where they can learn from other small business leaders that share their concern for the environment and a commitment to a more sustainable approach to business” said Justin K Lacey, Founder and President of Walk Softly Communications. “Our hope is that many small businesses will become more effective at developing and promoting sustainability within their respective companies, industries and communities as a result.”

Each Tuesday throughout 2009, Walk Softly Communications will post a new interview to their blog providing fresh insights, perspectives and recommendations that are sure to benefit any small business committed to sustainability.

Business leaders, such as David Van Seters, President and CEO of spud!, the largest organic food delivery service in North America and Geoff Baker, Co-Founder of easywash, one of the first environmentally-friendly car washes in B.C., have recently been featured in the Leaders of Sustainability series.

“I have been impressed by the willingness of those in the green and sustainability community to share their knowledge and expertise with other individuals and organizations that have a similar passion and commitment to finding a better way to pursue economic prosperity; one that protects people and the planet” concluded Justin K Lacey.

About Walk Softly Communications

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Walk Softly Communications is a marketing, environmental communications and sustainability consultancy for small businesses. Walk Softly Communications provides marketing strategy, environmental communications, branding, internet marketing and public relations support to its small businesses clients in North America.

For additional information about the Leaders of Sustainability series, or Walk Softly Communications, please contact:

Justin K Lacey, Founder & President, Walk Softly Communications

Email: justin@iwalksoftly.com

Telephone: (604) 282-7825

Or visit the company’s website at www.iwalksoftly.com


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