Metro Vancouver Ecological Plan to Save At-Risk Plant and Animal Species

Metro Vancouver has done a fantastic job of working with citizens across 22 municipalities, through events and forums, to manage growth, development, and sustainability for the region.  Their efforts to save 112 species of at-risk plants and animal species in parklands and ecologically important areas should be commended.

I am hopeful that the B.C. government, municipal governments, and other agencies will act in order to protect the region’s ecological health.  A Metro Vancouver report, released earlier this year, stated that “the district’s coastal location, climate and varied physical geography contains a rich variety of ecosystems [having] specific value in terms of human ecology and contribute to the economic prosperity and overall quality of life in the region”.

However, the Liberal provincial government’s Pacific Gateway Project runs counter to the region’s sustainability plan, the Livable Region Strategic Plan, adopted in 1996.  Their plan is to expand Highway 1 and pave it through farmland and Burns Bog — a massive peat bog and carbon sink — to increase vehicle traffic, spewing carbon monoxide.


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