Green Horn Tooting, Green Economy, Hormonal Health – GCNews #629


629: 27 April 2009 – Published by Green Communities Canada

TREE HUNT. Part of Green-Up Our Urban Forest program, Treasured Tree Hunt invites Peterborough residents to nominate, write a story about or submit photographs of trees that are treasured for their size, history, kid-friendliness or rarity. Deadline: 1 July … Lakeland Alliance hosts workshop addressing issues affecting lake-based business owners throughout the Hastings Highlands area. 7 May.

GREEN JOBS. Searching for a career in hard times article features City Green’s Vancouver energy advisor using his bicycle for transportation, equipment and all.

NANA HOUR. Sue McGregor-Hunter, Executive Director of Peterborough Green-Up, is now a grand-mother. Her daughter Barbara gave birth on March 28 (Earth Hour) to a baby girl, Addison, who weighed in at a very healthy 10 lb 3 oz. Sue is very excited to be a grandparent. “It gives me even more reasons to ensure we lessen our ecological footprint!”

DRUGS IN WATER. Eco-Superior’s Lucie Lavoie gives talks about the pharmaceuticals we consume and how they end up in our water supply.

HEAR YE! Subscribe to Green Venture newsletter … Environmental groups from the Halton, Hamilton, and Niagara area use Actlocally listing to promote their events.

HOME ENERGY. Workshop Renovating Your Home for Energy Efficiency and Future Resale Valueexplains returns on investment for home energy efficiency through case studies. Offered by Green Real Estate. Toronto, 24-26 April … Brockville Climate Action Group presents Green Trade Fair on 20 June.

GREEN HORN TOOTING. The Lorax Society created a website to help the environmental community nominate their colleagues for awards. A shockingly small number of Canadian environmental advocates have been honoured for their important contributions because most awards are based on nomination.

HORMONAL HEALTH. See Canadian Women’s Health Network magazine issue on environmental health impacts on women: early puberty, toxins in toiletries … CBC documentary The Disappearing Male about toxic threats to the male reproductive system can be viewed online.

BIKE SUMMIT. Toronto Coalition For Active Transportation hosts active transportation international policy conference covering topics such as building complete streets, successful regional plans and models, public bicycle sharing programs, bike stations, cycling legislation. 28 May.

ONE BITE AT A TIME. According to bioethicist Peter Singer, the U.S. would save 100 billion gallons of water, 1.5 billion pounds of crops, 70 million gallons of gas and 3 million acres of land if Americans went vegetarian for just one day.

GREEN ECONOMY. Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy, by Peter G. Brown, draws on the Quaker idea of right relationship and outlines a vision for an economy based on sound ecological principles.

COOL VIDEOS. Shipping containers are turned into modular houses… A camera mounted on the front of a streetcar films cyclists on the streets of Barcelona in 1908. A non-stop game of chicken with the trolley.

JOBS. Green Venture, Home Energy Advisors. Due 20 May … Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, Executive Director. Toronto, due 18 May … Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Development Director. Toronto, due 15 May.

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