UPDATE: Live Webcam: Two Bald Eaglets to Hatch, Delta, B.C.

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation reports that the parents of two eggs, more than two weeks overdue, have abandoned their nest in Delta, B.C. The eggs are likely infertile which often happen to first-time parent eagles.

The Foundation’s cameras will continue to monitor the eggs as the parent eagles are apparently still in the vicinity.

The good news? Three eaglets hatched in Sidney, B.C. (near Victoria, the province’s capital) in mid-April. Eagles typically bore 1 to 2 eaglets. This third offspring is a rare and special treat.

Watch the three eaglets in Sidney, B.C. at:


Live Webcam: Two Bald Eaglets to Hatch, Delta, B.C.

Posted by: Cindy Green on April 5, 2009 12:40 PM

A bald eagle is about to give birth to two eaglets in Delta, B.C.  Though typically built high atop trees and cliffs, the nest was built last February by the “urban mother” close to a road not far from the Tsawassen Ferry terminal.  The Hancock Wildlife Foundation has set up two non-intrusive video cameras to mark the event.

Don’t miss this if you love and are amazed by the beauty of wildlife!  The eggs may hatch any day now, before Easter.  Tune in and check the video cam from time to time as you go about your daily online business this week.  The eggs are located slightly left of center of the nest (under the mother eagle, of course), lower part of the screen:

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation promotes the “conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship“.  The non-profit organization installs and coordinates ‘live wildlife cams’, developing various educational and scientific projects for wildlife conservation.

For more information about The Hancock Wildlife Foundation, go to:

To donate to the Foundation, go to:

If you’d like to volunteer, you can find information at:

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