Survey reveals seven in 10 Canadian teens want more action taken on environment


Canon Canada study indicates that despite a tough economy, Canadian teens believe the environment should still be a priority

MISSISSAUGA, ON – April 20, 2009 – A study conducted on behalf of Canon Canada by Ipsos Reid shows that despite the economic recession, the majority of Canadian teenagers (aged 14 – 19) consider the environment to be a key issue the government needs to better address in 2009. The survey shows seven in 10 Canadian teens (68 per cent) feel the government isn’t doing enough about the current state of the environment. In addition, the study revealed that despite the economic downturn affecting the majority of Canada’s youth (66 per cent), only 34 per cent say climate change should become a lesser priority during an economic recession.

These are surprising findings as the survey also found approximately 51 per cent of respondents reported experiencing challenges related to securing a job, with 55 per cent indicating they are worried about the ability of a family member to find a job. In addition, 66 per cent of respondents said that the economy has had a negative impact on their personal ability or their family’s ability to take a vacation and 60 per cent saying it has affected the amount they spend on items like clothes and food.

However, a majority (58 per cent) remain confident in Canada’s ability to prevent climate change since the economic recession has occurred. These findings appear to show that Canada’s youth believe the country has the means and the will to fight climate change, but think that more government action must be taken in order to bring about actual improvement. Teens are clearly concerned with the future of the Canadian environment with 71 per cent of respondents who prioritized the environment as their top issue indicating they were concerned if people don’t take environmental action now, the world will be worse off in the future.

“It is very reassuring to see that the majority of Canada’s youth are aware of the importance of conserving and improving our environment even during tough times,” said Stan Skorayko, Vice President of Corporate Communications and General and Environmental Affairs, Canon Canada. “Today’s teenagers will be tomorrow’s leaders and it is crucial that they continue to view our environment as a high priority in order to ensure that Canada remains an environmental leader in the decades to come.”

The survey corresponds with the start of provincial and territorial Envirothon competitions which culminate with the Canon Envirothon ( held this year at the University of North Carolina from August 2-8, 2009. The Canon Envirothon is North America’s largest annual environmental competition, involving more than half a million teens across the continent. In Canada, provincial competitions kick off in Wolfville, Nova Scotia on April 30, 2009 and work their way across the country through a total of seven separate events.

“Canon is committed to giving environmentally-conscious youth a platform for raising environmental awareness,” said Skorayko. “The students participating in this year’s Canon Envirothon help demonstrate that many Canadian teens are still passionate about improving our environment and are not allowing the economic downturn to overshadow the importance of green initiatives.”

The Canadian competition schedule of the Canon Envirothon is as follows:

· Wolfville, Nova Scotia: April 30-May 2, 2009

· St. George, Ontario: May 6-9, 2009

· Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador: May 7-9, 2009

· International Peace Garden, Manitoba: May 21-23, 2009

· Fredericton, New Brunswick: May 21-23, 2009

· Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan: May 24-26, 2009

· Whitehorse, Yukon: May 27-28, 2009

· Charlottetown, Price Edward Island: Completed in fall 2008

The survey was conducted by Ipsos Reid for Canon Canada, and polled 1029 teens between the ages of 14 and 19 across Canada. The online survey was conducted between March 23 and March 30, 2009.

About Canon Canada Inc.
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The company’s comprehensive product line includes networked multifunction devices; digital copiers (colour and black and white); printers, scanners, image filing systems and facsimile machines; calculators, digital camcorders, digital and analogue cameras and lenses; semiconductor, broadcast and other specialized industrial products.

Canon supports programs that help preserve and protect the environment. The company instituted the Clean Earth Campaign in 1990, which assists various environmental and recycling initiatives. The Campaign has also supported leading environmental organizations, such as World Wildlife Fund – Canada and the Canon Envirothon.

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